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Hannah Martin, a teacher and mother from the UK, offers her best tips and tricks for exploring Gemstone Dig Kit with kids. Fossil hunting is an enjoyable entertaining, thrilling, and educational activity for the entire family! It can be done almost anywhere and it doesn't take any fancy equipment or tools. All you require is a passion for learning and exploration. Let's go on a fossil hunt!

The case for dinosaur-obsessed kids

Before having a kid, I knew nothing about fossil hunting or dinosaurs. I also confess that I'm not a dinosaur expert despite reading endless amounts of dinosaur books and learning all about dinosaur. My son and I have shared a passion for learning about dinosaurs. From the Ankylosaurus with armor, to the sea-dwelling Plesiosaurus, we have played or watched and read about the sensation of every dinosaur possible.

The fascination with dinosaurs isn't just an opportunity to learn about history, geography and the natural world it is also a means to increase endurance, which is a crucial capability when it comes to fossil hunting. ) enhanced attention, and "enhanced capabilities of thinking in a complex way, such as processing information." It turns out that your child's dino-obsession just could be beneficial for them!

Benefits of fossil hunting with children

Although I don't expect my son's enthusiasm for dinosaurs to lead him to become an archeologist or paleontologist, I like that it has made him more curious about the world that surrounds him (and the past that preceded us). Fossil hunting allows us to link the past and his interest in dinosaurs to the present as well as our interest in outdoor activities and nature.

Fossil hunting is a process that requires patience and persistence. He is calm and interested in facts, so this activity is perfect for him. Fossil hunting can be a great outdoor family activity with numerous benefits for children. improving their fine-motor skills when choosing small treasures from pebbles, ensuring they are safe when working with tools along the coast and under cliffs, sorting and placing items in order, encouraging reading and investigating what you find as well as, perhaps most importantly it has positive effects on your the mental health of children.

In the words of my son "Fossil hunting helps me relax."

What is the best moment to go fossil hunting with children?

It's a privilege to live close to the Jurassic Coast of the UK. Through the years many marine-living animals and dinosaur fossils were found along the coastline. This is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its unique importance in fossils, rocks and land formations.

You don't need to be a part of the midst of a UNESCO site to be able to take advantage of dinosaur dig kit. Every continent has its own fossils. There are also new species to be discovered across the globe. So, wherever you reside, you are able to go on a fossil hunt.

In my research, I found that there are many amazing fossil hunting sites across the US. From Texas to Montana to Alaska to Hawaii There are many amazing fossil hunting.} {The Morrison Formation in the Western part of the US is an ideal spot to inspire, with Aptasaurus, Allosaurus and Stegosaurus fossils on display.|There are fossils of Allosaurus, Aptasaurus and Stegosaurus in the Morrison Formation, Western USA.}

{There are a myriad of other incredible places in the US that you can fossilize yourself. Check out this website to see a wide range of places to visit.|There are fossils to be found across the US. Visit this website for the list of places.}

{Fossil hunting is possible at any time of year but in the UK the best times to hunt are between November to April.|While fossil hunting is a possibility at anytime during the year, it is recommended to go in between November to April in the UK.} {This is due to the rough seas that are churning the shore and revealing more fossils.|The rough seas can churn up the shores and reveal more fossils.} {In the US, more fossils are located in the inland areas, so fortunate for you, it's a year-round activity!|It is possible to do this all year round in the US because fossils are more likely to be found inland.}

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