Why Is It Important To Use Genuine Motorcycle Parts Important?



Owners have every right to think about buying or replacing a component or accessory to their motorcycle. It is crucial to use authentic parts and accessories for your vehicle. This is particularly important because of the risks to safety that come with using unbranded or used spare parts. The safety of every motorist in the Philippines should be taken into consideration by any supplier of motorcycle parts. They should also ensure that the parts they supply are authentic.


CSL supplies wholesale motorcycle accessories in Philippines. They supply genuine components that have been tested and manufactured to the highest standards. Thus, there is no compromise how your vehicle was designed to function, drive and protect you.

It is possible that you are thinking of buying new gear for your bike, such as the helmet lock, motorcycle tank bag or other accessories. If your motorcycle requires replacement parts following an accident or a fault occurs in a particular part during servicing, then it is essential to put with a genuine component.

If a wholesale motorcycle accessory supplier is not reliable, they can provide you with a non-genuine spare part that may look similar to the real thing but has not been authorized by the manufacturer of your vehicle. They do not guarantee the same level of quality or safety attributes as they have not been tested to be an integral part of your motorbike.





How do you determine if a part is fake or not?

Be it anything; the market is overflowing with counterfeit counterparts. Be it clothing and technology or parts and accessories within the automotive industry, you will be able to find counterfeit versions of everything. Although there are many strict measures being taken against the manufacturers of these fake parts but there are a few who escape these restrictions and release these fake products on the market. To verify if the spare component or an accessory you are buying is authentic, here are some things to look at:

Serial Number and Hologram

If a spare component or accessory is authentic, it would be accompanied by an identification number that could be used to track it and verify if the item is genuine or not. Before purchasing parts, ensure that you check the hologram of the manufacturer as that cannot be duplicated.

RFID tags:

The manufacturers can confirm whether the purchasers are receiving genuine parts or not by following the tag ID that is included with the spare parts.

Bar code:

Every spare part comes with an QR Code (or bar code) that can be scanned using a smartphone. This allows the manufacturer to verify that the item is genuine and also keeps all the movements of the product via the QR Code. Check out Homepage for effective information bike now.

If you discover a counterfeit spare part, you are able to make a complaint to the Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Department of the Company and they will confiscate these fake parts.